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Monday, July 16, 2012

SENuke X 2.6.27 Cracked Latest Version

Released Tuesday July 10 2012

Ticket 1909: Unable To Download Seed Article
Ticket 1916:Hotmail Accounts Not Being Created

Fixed success rates for Social Network and Social Bookmarking sites.
Plus the usual fixes and removals.

Based on ChangeSet #4271

SENuke X 2 Review :
SENuke was a bomb when it appeared a few years ago. A new step in market. Everybody was waiting for the next version, and now we have SENuke X 2, and passing throw a simple wizard, you will be able to use it properly.
SENuke x 2 Features
The new SENuke X2 is way more faster, better organized, nice looking and clean.It’s re-writed using new technology, so everything is different, now you can see all the projects on one screen.SENuke X 2 allows you to organize projects into campaigns.
  • Scheduling Submissions
    In Senuke X 2 scheduling was also upgraded, which means now you will be able to schedule how many sites you submit per day.
  • Running in the Background
    Background mode is a very user friendly feature, that allows you to schedule or run your needs, and minimize the tool, and do whatever you have to do on your pc.
  • Minimal Crashes
    The designers where working hard to make the software less crashy, but anyway even if it crashes, it auto-resumes from the place it stopped. This is a big step in market.
  • SEnuke X 2 works without web browser
    SENuke X 2 is way faster and have less crashes because now it is not using a browser, in comparing it to the fist SENuke X.
  • No more bugs and tons of new sites
    In SENuke X 2, the previous problems caused by bugs have been solved. Besides, there are tons of new sites added to the SEnuke X 2 software. The social bookmarking and social network sites have been added by 6 additional full-time programmers.
  • New Captcha Solving Technology
    First version of SENuke X 2 used Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that can solve ony popular versions of captcha or recaptcha. But now in SEnuke X 2, the technology has an amazing 75% accuracy, which can automatically solve about 40% of all the Captcha images for free and no human intervention required.
  • Central Database
    The SENuke X 2 have a central database that makes is easy to change to other place.
  • Press Release Module
    One of the most impressive features that are available on the Senuke X 2 is a press release module. This module includes a variety of press release sites that can be used during projects.
  • Customized Web 2.0 Profile Module
    If you are a power user, you will get the most benefits from this module. With this module, you do not have to share sites anymore. The module allows you to come up with accounts and you are able to post to different targets. At the moment, the module can support the Expression Engine and SMF platforms. The program is also able to create accounts automatically in the various platforms and upload pictures. This takes a shorter time compared to using the Internet Explorer automation.
  • Organizing Projects
    If you currently work in SENuke X, you know how messy it is sometimes, this why SENuke X2 comes with campaigns, where you can assign certain projects to different campaigns. This will prevent overlapping SEO projects.
  • Auto Profiles
    You do not have to use an options screen anymore because the Senuke X 2 offers auto profiles. The Auto profiles will save password combinations and username. It is also possible to assign a specific profile to a particular project.
  • URL Lists
    The URL manager in the Senuke was not very functional and the Senuke X 2 has included URL lists which are generated from the URL lists that are generated. It is possible to assign the URL lists to different projects. The URL lists also make it possible for you to link different projects.
  • Detailed Reports
    The Senuke X 2 comes with a built-in report that will track everything, even that is automated, for you to know what the software done. This will make you easy to track your ranking statistic.
  • Dynamic Updating
    You do not have to wait for updates to fix sites because the Senuke support service will handle any breaks.
  • Run Simultaneous Modules
    The Senuke X 2 makes it possible for you to run various modules at the same time.
  • SENuke X 2 Indexing Module
    In the near future, the program comes with an indexing module that allows you to determine which URL list you want to index.
  • Streamlined
    With the Senuke X 2, it is now possible to schedule different projects by time and date. You can also set the program to begin a project as soon as a previous one is done.
  • Senuke x 2 Helpful Wizard
    One of the main differences that you will notice with the Senuke X 2 is the step-by-step wizard. The Senuke X 2 has several modules and each one of them has a variety of features and this can be very intimidating if you have never used this kind of program before. Most of the programs available in the market do not have simple instructions to make it easy for beginners to use them.



2. Install / update.

3.Copy contents of crack folder to install directory

(usually C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\SENukeX).

4. Done.
Download SENuke X 2.6.27 Cracked Latest Version

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