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Monday, July 16, 2012

SEO : SEnuke X SEO Training

Module 1 – Developing The SEO Mindset

* This Video Module  Discusses What To Expect From Your SEO Campaigns. How You Can Develop anSEO Mindset That Can Bring Results For Your Websites and For Your
Client’s Websites.
* Contains “NEVER” before Revealed Principles About Search Engine Optimization.

Module 2 – ON Page Optimization Secrets

* How To Setup Your Websites’ ON Page SEO Factors Correctly. NO Fluff But Direct To the Point, Easy To Implement Changes
* Discover Where To Put Your Keywords, What Links To Include, Where To Link, Changes To The Meta Data and More!

Module 3 – Account Creation Best Practices

* Discover How You Can Achieve Near 90% Account Creation Success Rates
* Learn To Find Out How To Make Your Accounts and Websites Stick Longer and Minimize Account Deletion
* Increase the Effectiveness of Your SEO Campaigns With by Just Implementing A Few Tweaks

Module 4 – Enzo’s Wonder Link Strategy

*Discover My Very Own Wonder Linking Strategy. This Strategy Protects
Your Money Pages While Getting The Best Amount Of Link Juice To Your
* Understand The Importance Of This Strategy In Getting Your Sites
* Increase the Effectiveness of Your SEO Campaigns by Just Implementing A Few Tweaks

Module 5 – How To Start Posting

* I’ll Show You How To Get Started With Your SENuke X Postings
* Discover Secrets To Getting Your Links Posted Correctly
* Discover How To Use The Random Links Effectively

Module 6 – How To Chain Your Campaigns

* Discover How You Can Start Posting Links Daily while Setting it Up One Time
* Discover Ways To Effectively Boost The Previous Links You Have By Building Backlinks To Backlinks
* Watch Never Before Released Methods Of How I Use SENuke X to Schedule My Campaigns For Weeks

Module 7 – How To Use The SENuke X Wizard

* Discover How To Use The SENuke X Wizard Effectively
* If You are Using The Default SENuke X Wizard You Are Leaving A HUGE Footprint. Learn What To Do Instead
* Learn How I Setup An Exact Campaign Using SENuke X Wizard


BONUS VIDEO COURSE – Extreme Video Marketing Course

This Course Will Help Your Sites Gain Top Rankings By Leveraging The Power
And Authority Of The World’s Most Popular Video Sharing Site.
Watch Me as I Show You How I Build Pagerank To My Site and How You Can Leverage This Method For Your Websites as Well.


I have no idea what this video is called because I can't understand what he says at the beginning of the video.
Maybe one of you can figure out what he says at the start?


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