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Sunday, August 12, 2012

[GET] SEO Booster Pro Full Working

"SEO Booster PRO is a Dynamic SEO Plugin for WordPress, that automates your WordPress blog by tracking, analyzing and utilizing the incoming searches from the search engines.

SEO Booster PRO automatically tracks your incoming visitors from Google, researches the current ranking of the keyword, and then starts promoting the best suited keywords, after installation, you dont have to do anything!"

Dynamic WordPress SEO plugin that changes to your blog and the ranking changes in Google.
Clever and adaptable.

Main Features

Dynamic SEO

Dynamic and Automatic – Let SEO Booster PRO do the manual labor for you. SBP researches your rankings and adapts to the most effective keyword phrases, you do not have to do anything else!

Auto tag blog posts

You can let SEO Booster PRO automatically create tags for the keywords to blogposts, and also to cross link any other posts using that keyword phrase!


Use the numbers to find new niches, are you getting a lot of traffic for a keyword that you are ranking low for? Write more content about that keyword and help yourself up the rankings while focusing on the most trafficked keywords for YOUR blog.

Easy to integrate!

You can use SEO Booster PRO in fully passive mode, just listening and tracking incoming searches from Google, or you can embed SEO Booster PRO in to your WordPress blog with a drag-drop widget in your sidebar.
You can also use advanced PHP-functions to tweak your site even more!


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