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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SEO PowerSuite Enterprise FULL 2012 Working

No need to install other free or paid applications. This software pack includes exactly the right tools an SEO business might need and fulfills the tasks a professional website promoter may face. Briefly, here is what you do with SEO PowerSuite:
  • Maximize clients' sites' chances for top rankings by optimizing their content
  • Boost customers link popularity by getting thousands of new link partners
  • Improve your clients' search engine ranks by analyzing their competitors' backlinks
  • Get advice and insight on improving website positions
  • Analyze websites' progress in 767 search engines
  • Keep clients informed with timely custom–branded reports on each activity

SEO PowerSuite is just that, a suite of SEO tools. It’s not one application with varied functions or different toolsets; it’s a set of four different applications with specialized functions. Link Assistant, SEO Spyglass, WebSite Auditor and Rank Tracker each have a specific target area of SEO that they focus on, which should be apparent from their names. This is great if you’re only focused on a single aspect of SEO, like link building or competitive analysis, but if you’re looking for a dashboard where you can access all of your critical metrics at once, you might want an all-in-one application.

The Link Assistant application focuses on competitive link research, automatically finding you high-quality link partners to pursue relationships with. It will find links to your competitors for you, and then automatically extract contact information for their webmasters. You can search for sites on specified keywords that already offer link-submission forms, sites that already link to you, and more. You can even send link request emails from within the application itself.

SEO Spyglass focuses on competitive research in a general sense; it pulls links for top competitors for a certain keyword, as well as data from specified competitors. With this data, SEO Spyglass provides several key metrics from PageRank and anchor text for links, the number of external links to a site, and the value of each link.

The Rank Tracker application does what you might imagine it would do; it tracks your website’s ranking for keywords that you specify. After a bit of processing, it returns a list of rankings for the three major engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). The total runtime for a standard rank check was just under one minute. It also has a convenient keyword suggestion tool that can be powered by a variety of different resources, including the Google AdWords keyword tool. Unfortunately, it didn’t return any suggestions for our keywords in our trials.

The WebSite Auditor begins with the same process as the other applications: enter the website and the application runs a basic scan of your website, gathering SEO-related data. It returns a nice overview of critical SEO metrics, including HTTP status of each URL (404s, 200, etc.), inbound links, internal links, nofollows, meta data and title tags. The basic scan is a great overview of the current SEO status of your site, pointing clearly to different key pain points and such.

Step 1 : Download and install

Step 2 : Update to latest version of each program

Step 3 : Close SEO Power Suite

Step 4 : Add the following to your host file


Step 5 : Run each program and enter the following login details 'In Serial Download'
Download SEO PowerSuite Enterprise FULL 2012

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