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Friday, August 24, 2012

SEO Tools: Backlink Booster 1.0 Crack

The Powerful Benefits For Your Website & Business When Using "Backlink Booster!"

  • Dramatically Increase Your Website Ranking With Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Boost Every Single Backlink And Create Floods Of Valuable Link Juice
  • Shield Your Site From The Risk Of The Dreaded Google Slap
  • Force The All The Search Engines To Love You And Your Site
  • Create 100s Of High PR, Powerful Links Automatically
  • So Simple, It Just Takes 1 Click Of A Button
  • Fully Automated SEO Techniques Save You Hours or Days Of Work
  • Increase Your Exposure, Your Traffic & Your Sales Automatically!

How it work :

Backlink Booster is a one-click SEO strategy that makes every backlink you create 1000% more valuable to your site instantly.

To go a little deeper, this is a very powerful SEO strategy that creates a massive backlink network for all your backlinks and drives hunderds of links back to a link you have boosted as shown in the diagram below.

We also have a script that runs on your website that is activated with a small browser bookmarklet. This organizes everything with one click and once you create a backlink (for example with Pauls backlink packs or Angela's) you just push the "BoostIt!" button and it notifies your entire backlink network you have a new backlink that needs boosting....
This creates a flood of fresh link juice back to your backlink and all that extra link juice is filtered down to your site through the backlink you boosted. None of these links ever point back to your site directly so your site is shielded from Google slaps and your backlink is now 1000-2000% more valuable to you.

Download Backlink Booster 1.0 Crack


Download Backlink Booster 1.0 Crack

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