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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zenno Poster Pro Crack - Click & Go

Zenno Poster Pro software unique design allows you to launch multiple threats each containing separate cookies, cache storage and IP. It enables you to launch all your SEO tasks at once.
Vusial Drag & Drop interface

Zenno Poster Pro is very easy to use thanks to the convenient visual interface. Use your imagination and design countless other resources yourself! People design projects
Template automatic recording

The ZennoPoster program is based on executing the template (a list of instructions). We have created a unique system of template automatic recording according to the user’s operations. You will need a minimum effort to automate your work.
LogicTemplates support logic branches which allows for creating flexible solutions.
Powerful proxycheckerFree collection of thousands of live proxies and selecting the best of them using a large number of various filters and rules. It will allow you to be anonymous at all the stages of work.
Emulator system
You should not be afraid of multiple bot protection tool types – the program will evade them automatically.

Advanced disguise
Registering hundreds and thousands of accounts on one resource you will be represented as absolutely different web users.

Support for controlling the browser from your code
For those who know the PHP or C# programming languages we have designed classes of controlling the browser from your own code, i.e. instead of the template you can create your own program fully controlling the browser. You can use all the advantages provided by these languages and at the same time manage your browser.

Unique system of nickname generating
Using our special text analysis tools we have created a unique generator of believable nicknames.

Macros support
More than 50 macroses for all occasions are supported by ZennoPoster:)
ZennoPoster is …
a registrator of
free hosts
social networks
mail boxes
forum profiles
a parser of
search engines
websites with interesting content
a poster in
and other sites
an uploader of
files for file exchange services
pictures to image hosting
social bookmarker

And plenty of other things!

Technical characteristics in detail
Beating protection tools
Protection programs based on JavaScript are evaded automatically, as the Internet Explorer browser is used inside the program

Similar to JavaScript, Ajax-based protection tools are beaten automatically

Captchas in ZennoPoster are recognized by manual recognition services. You can use your recognition modules.
There is a support for
ordinary captchas in the form of images
captchas, composed of several images(only in our program!)
mathematical captchas in the image
text captchas
text mathematical captchas
flash captchas
actually any page element can be represented in the form of a captcha and send to the recognition service (DeCaptcher, CaptchaBot, Anti-Gate).

Unique features:
Captchas can be scaled before the submission.

E-mail verification
The setting of beating this kind of protection tools is as simple as the setting of a mail client. Not only a confirmation link can be taken from messages but any other text fragment.

Limit of registering from one IP
Each instance of ZennoPoster can work through its proxy (http, SOCKS4), checked in the built-in proxy checker. The additional browser disguise is provided by the constant change of the user-agent.

Window PopUp
In many programs similar to ZennoPoster, PopUp and browser dialogue window cause a lot of problems but it is not about our program! All the dialogue windows are processed correctly (they are not often visible for the user)and PopUps open as a tab in an ordinary browser, managed in the same way as other common tabs are managed.

Data processing

More than ten different macroses are created to work with different text data. You can take text from files in various ways, parse it from the website pages (DOM text, ordinary text and original text).

Data and base generation
Bases with names and surnames as well as nickname generator are incorporated in ZennoPoster.
For programmers

Conversion into codes
The created template can be converted in the C# or PHP codes, managed by ZennoPoster

Class for DOM controlWe have written classes for the C# and PHP languages for fine program control from your own code. Using these classes you will receive full access for the webpage Dom model, manage tabs, recognize captchas, confirm registration by mail, execute macroses from your code and a lot of other things.

JavaScript incorporated interpreter
If the number of macroses is not sufficient, there is an option to write a small JavaScript code and execute it with the help of the macros inside the template. This is a separate interpreter not connected with the browser.

Exе and bat file execution
You can execute these files inside the template
Proxy processing
You only have to specify an URL or file and the program will collect the proxy itself
Proxy check

The proxychecker is built in the ZennoPoster. It checks proxies according to 20 parameters sorting out the most dangerous and selecting the best and fastest.

You can set several proxy release channels so that different templates will get proxies with different parameters.


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