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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to Install Android SDK? (for Windows)

The Android Developer Kit, simply named as Android SDK is what all the advance users of Android should have installed on Windows running computers. In fact this tool stands behind each developer who is working in developing and testing new apps for improving, updating or unchaining different version of the Android OS. Basically, you are dealing with some codes that will be inserted in the command prompt window and through which you will be able to interact and access the system and in built programs from your handset. Eclipse is being the language in which the codes are written. Before beginning the proper operations there should be applied some pre-requisites.

You can start the installation procedure now. But, remember that this tutorial is posted only for those who have a Windows running computer. Now follow the given steps and install the Android SDK for Windows.

Now you've learned how to install Android SDK / ADB on Windows running computer. You can now install a custom ROM on your device, root or unlock its boot-loader, or why not you can even develop a new app for the Android OS.

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