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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quiz -- Computers Languages, Internet and World Wide Web

  1. The company that popularized personal computing was ____________.
  2. The computer that made personal computing legitimate in business and industry was the ____________.
  3. Computers process data under the control of sets of instructions called computer ____________.
  4. The six key logical units of the computer are the __________, __________, ___________, __________, __________ and the __________.
  5. The three types of computer languages are __________, __________ and ____________.
  6. The programs that translate high-level language programs into machine language are called ____________.
  7. C is widely known as the development language of the ____________ operating system.
  8. The ____________ language was developed by Writh for teaching structured programming.
  9. The Department of Defense developed the Ada language with a compatibility called ____________, which allows programmers to specify activities that can proceed in parallel.
  10. ____________ or labeling content, is another key part of the collaborative theme of Web 2.0.
  11. With Internet applications, the desktop evolves to the ____________.
  12. ____________ involves reworking code to make it clearer and easier to maintain while preserving its functionality.
  13. With ____________ development, individuals and companies contribute their efforts in developing, maintaining and evolving software in exchange for the right to use that software for their own purposes, typically at no change.
  14. ____________ are used to match specific character patterns in text. They can be used to validate data to ensure that it’s in a particular format, to replace parts of one string with another, or to split a string.
  15. C++ programs are normally typed into a computer using a(n) ____________ program.

Answer Key
(1) Apple (2) IBM Personal Computer (3) programs (4) input unit, output unit, memory unit, arithmetic and logic unit (ALU), central processing unit (CPU), secondary storage unit (5) machine languages, assembly languages, high-level languages (6) compilers (7) UNIX (8) Pascal (9) multitasking (10) Tagging (11) webtop (12) Refactoring (13) open source (14) Regular expressions (15) editor

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