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Thursday, January 12, 2017

How to get redirection backlinks .Gov/.Edu Links

How to get redirection backlinks .Gov/.Edu Links

How to get redirection backlinks .Gov/.Edu Links
How to get redirection backlinks .Gov/.Edu Links

What kinds of .Gov & .Edu backlinks are there?
There are a few different "types" of .gov and .edu backlinks that we're going to cover here. As we mentioned above, we would highly recommend using ALL of them and not just the quick and easy ones, and do so constantly and over time to make sure the backlinks are indexed in the most natural way.

The kinds of backlinks we're going to cover here are-
1. Redirection .gov & .edu backlinks
2. Profile .gov & .edu backlinks
3. Guestbook's .gov & .edu backlinks
4. Blog comments .gov & .edu backlinks

Also, in the last module, we will show you how to look for more .gov & .edu backlinks from all of these kinds, which are related to your niche and can get you even higher value.

What are .Gov & .Edu redirection backlinks?

These are the easiest bakelinks to get, actually you wouldn't need more than 10 minutes of work to get your first 39 .gov backlinks and 8 .edu backlinks, ping and index them, and it wouldn't take more than an hour to build a 2nd tier to them if you'd like to empower them.

Actually these are sneaky loopholes, and we're going to use some mechanism that called "exit pages" that some of these sites are using to get backlinks to our site. These exit pages are pages that their meaning is to let you know you're leaving the site to an external link. On the way, they present you the external link which is… Your link! In a .gov or .edu domain…

How to get these redirection backlinks?
Check Mynewsite 

1. Copy this list to a notepad file-

2. Open the notepad file, click ctrl+h, in the "find what" field type the exact term and in the "Replace with" field type your own url. Click the "replace all" button.

3. Make sure your own links are inside the url's properly and save the file.

4. Open your browser and go to, copy all the URLs from the text file and paste them in the "Paste URLs field" and click the submit button. When it's done you can close all the URLs and tabs it opened. Congrats! You've got your backlinks!
Now lets get them indexed.

5. Go to, copy the url's again and click the "Mass Ping" button, wait for a confirmation message.

6. Now go to and repeat the last step, here you will also need to add keyword and enter captcha code

7. Now go to, you already know the routine… click the "Rapid Index" button.

8. You can actually settle for this, but you can also take more time and make this links even more powerful on their 2nd tier by using this two free indexing tools –


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