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Saturday, February 25, 2017

First Step Towards Becoming A SEO Freelancer

First Step Towards Becoming A SEO Freelancer
First Step Towards Becoming A SEO Freelancer

This is in continuation to my earlier post "How To Get Started With Search Engine Optimization". In that post I have explained about what are various Online Marketing techniques. Now here in this post, I will make you learn more about White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We will discuss other techniques like SMO, SEM, SMM in future post.

Search Engine Optimization (White Hat SEO) is a powerful technique in the hands of a IT professionals which help them to manipulate the search result of Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as per their requirement.

With White Hat SEO, you can help your website rank well on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) against many keywords. The first and the foremost step to get started with SEO is Bidding for a SEO project on websites like Upwork and Freelancer. After bidding, you have to present to client the detailed website analysis report. We will explain you how to prepare a Website Analysis Report and what things you should include in website analysis report.

WAR aka Website Analysis Report is a detailed report of the website on which SEO work is required to be done. To analyze a website you can either use various website analysis tools or can do it manually. You can analyze your website , or You should include details of following in the report:

  1. Website Score on Woorank (Visit Simply replace the with your website name in url and enter that url in address bar for results. With woorank, you can check website score and other related issues with the site easily.
  2. Google Analytics: On home page of website, press key combination as "ctrl+U" and a new window with source code will open up. Now find "UA-" with find box. If it is present, the Google Analytics must be installed else not.
  3. Google Webmasters
  4. Meta Title and Description: Check home page and subpages source code by pressing "ctrl+U" for Tile, Meta Description and Keywords tags.
  5. HTML Header Tags
  6. Mobile Friendliness
  7. Website Speed for Desktop and Mobile (To check visit: )
  8. Check for W3 errors (Check it here:
  9. Check for robots.txt file. Type website_name/robots.txt (e.g. You can also create robots.txt file or can simply make one by yourself.
  10. Check for sitemap.xml file. Type webiste_name/sitemap.xml (e.g You can generate sitemap.xml or sitemap.html files here
  11. Check for social media page plugins. Check if website has Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, Linked-in and Pinterest account or not. 
  12. Check if the website has its blog.
  13. WWW Resolve: Check if the website has 301 or 302 redirect. That is if the website get redirected to for both instances of typing and
  14. Check in woorank, if the website has broken links or not. If yes, mention those links in report. 
  15. Check for website backlinks.
  16. Check Alexa Rank for the website at
  17. Check all images for Image Alt tags.
  18. Check Text to HTML ratio.
  19. Mention Moz PA and DA for the website. 
These are some of the most important things that you should include in Website Analysis Report of a client's website. In my upcoming posts, I will tell you about On-Page SEO, Url-Structuring, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords Analysis and many other On-Page & Off-Page SEO techniques to make your website search engine friendly and to make it perform well on search engine results. stay tunes and share this blog with your friends to support my efforts. Thank you.

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