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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Get Free .Edu And .Gov Backlinks

Hi, wostwareld users, thank for being patience. Again I am khalid , comes with a little bit jusicy backlink source. Creating backlink and maintaining them for a long is such a critical job. How much backlinks of a website is not more important but how much quality content and how much quality backlinks with a website have is much more important. Today, In this article i will give you a list of free .edu and .gov backlinks source .

Get Free  Edu And  Gov Backlinks

Get Free .Edu And .Gov Backlinks
Get Free .Edu And .Gov Backlinks

Before going thourgh the list of .gov and .edu backlinks please read this article completely.

Getting a do-follow and natural backlink from .edu and .gov sites are not so easy, that’s why google give them much more important. If you got backlinks by guest posting on a .edu blog then it is just like a golden achievement in seo for your website. But .edu and .gov sites are not allowing do-foolow backlink or guest post. Few of them are still exist but they are in less number and less seo specialist know those soruce and selling in high price at fiverr . In this list I can provide you only redirect backlink with some mix of do-follow and no-follow.

let me again describe about redirect backlink. Redirect can be 3 types.

301 Redirect
302 Redirect
Meta Redirect
In the above three 301 redirect is the permanent redirect and 302 is the temporary redirect and meata redirect will wait some few seconds and redirect to destination. 301 redirection having green signal in seo and the destination url get the rank value of the old one with its own. But in 302 redirection as it is temporary it have less impact on search engine ranking. Last one is the meta redirection which doesn’t flow much more ranking value but acting as normal backlink. In this list you can get meta redirection backlink from .edu and .gov sites.

As you know how much valuable of a .edu and .gov backlink rather than a normal backlink. So, it must drive some few ranking point for your site and creating backlink is also so easy and take upto 5-10 minutes job.

How to get index your .gov and .edu backlinks faster in Google?
It is also much more important to get index your backlink to search engine. Many paid backlink service providers are using paid indexers. You can also get it free, their are some ping service providers who can ping your site to google. I have listed here some ping sites where you can ping your site to search engine. You can also do it in two ways.

  1. Submit you backlink using mass ping website.
  2. Create a page on your website with all your backlinks and submit that page to google+. As google+ contents are indexing faster then google crawler will also visit your all backlink source.

List of Free .edu and .gov Backlink Source

Remove my website domain name at last of each link and try to index in google. Thank You for reading my article and using this free service. I will also come with some good seo tools and tips .

Free Backlinks Edu And Gov

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