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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Download : Affiliate PRO v1.7

Every Website is Better with a Strong Affiliate Program! Boost Sales, Traffic, Leads and more with one of the most Robust and Powerful Affiliate Program available!

Affiliate Pro is a Powerful and yet simple to use PHP affiliate Management System for your new or existing website. Let affiliates sell your products, bring you traffic or even leads and reward them with a commission. More importantly, use Affiliate Pro to track it intelligently to keep your affiliates happy and also your bottom line!

So how does it work? It is pretty simple, when a user visits your website through an affiliate URL (for example the responsible affiliate sending (or referring) the traffic to you will receive a commission based on your settings. If you need more information please contact us, otherwise check out the features below and just how easy it is to integrate into your system! 

Commission Options for Every Situation!
·        Set Commission by Product/Individual Transaction
·        Set Commissions based on Sales Volume
·        Create Recurring Commissions
·        Create Commissions for Lead Referrals
·        Commissions for Unique Traffic Referrals
·        Build a Multi-Tier Network (Affiliates refer other Affiliates)

Sales Page :

Download Link :

How To Join The File :
You Must Use HJsplit to join all of them.

How To Download :

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