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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Download : Clickbank Goldminer [Pro License]

Clickbank Goldminer is one of those very clever applications which you probably never would have thought you needed at all but by the time you finish reading this CB Goldminer review you certainly will be convinced that you really DO need and WANT it!

What Exactly is ClickBank Goldminer?

CB Goldminer is a deceptively simple application whose primary purpose is simply to seek out and present to you “hidden” order pages for Clickbank products. Right now you may be wondering “what use is that?” but the answer is that many products available for sale online are sold at a range of price points at various times during their life-cycle – for example there may be special discounts associated with launch days, upgrades, holidays or  who knows what else. These typically result in a custom order page being created on the product site which will be promoted at some time but later ignored as the holiday or event ended and pricing changed to something else.

By now you should be starting getting the idea – if only there was a way to find those long lost order pages with the special offers and deep discounts! Well of course now there is – with Clickbank Goldminer!

Here we are all about finding (and revealing) ways to make money online and of course one great way to get more money in your pocket is just to spend less or in other words to take advantage of special discounts for the products you were going to buy anyway. As an internet marketer you can be almost certain that sooner or later you will be buying something from a Clickbank vendor since they are one of the largest marketplaces for digital products and much loved by those of us who make money online (or plan to).

Another great use for this software is not just to find discounts for things you yourself want to buy, but also to find discount order pages for products you would like to promote as a clickbank affiliate – in other words you can promote products for a lower price than other clickbank affiliates by linking direct to those pages with your affiliate id (with vendor permission of course), thereby closing the sale more easily than your competitors – how cool is that??!

Clickbank Miner runs on Windows and Mac although no mention of it running on Linux so I assume it does not although perhaps it will with WINE. Worst case you could fire up a virtualbox with windows and run it there.

This is a really useful application which will surely save you money and help you to make money and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to make bank from home!

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