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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Google Analytics, Webmaster & URL Redirection

One of the most important aspect of on page SEO is Website Traffic analysis and removal of Website errors. There are two major tools to do so. Google Analytics, one of the product of Alphabet Inc. is used to measure the traffic a website is getting from different sources. Where as Google Webmasters use to check website errors, crawl errors, sitemap submission etc. One another important thing is URL redirection which is used for temporary as well as permanent redirection of your website from Old URL to a New URL. Now I will explain all these 3 things one by one for you. I will explain how you can integrate all these in your website.

Google Analytics, Webmaster & URL Redirection
Google Analytics, Webmaster & URL Redirection 

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free website analysis tool provided by Google (Alphabet Inc.) for tracking and managing website traffic. Google Analytics can be integrated into website with the help of a google account. If you have a website and want to track your website's traffic, simply copy paste, Google Tracking code into your website's Head Tag and start getting website traffic information within 24 hour into your Google Analytics account. Now here at westworld, I will explain you all the steps that will help you in Google Analytics Integration into your Website or Blog.

Steps for Google Analytics Integration into Website/ Blog:
  1. Go to and signup for Google Analytics with a Google account.
  2. Select an account name, website name and website URL you want to track. 
  3. While entering website, keep in mind if your website in following HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  4. Then click on get tracking code. And Google Analytics Tracking code will be displayed for your website. 
  5. Copy and paste that tracking code anywhere between Head tags of your website's home page.
  6. Now within 24-48 hours you will start getting traffic report for your website on Google Analytics.
  7. You can get tracking code again from Google Analytics. Simply go to Admin tab and click on Tracking Info and then on Tracking code.
  8. You can also add multiple properties or websites i.e. upto 100 websites under one Google Analytcis account. 
  9. To do so, Go to Admin Tab. Click on the drop down "Your Account Name" on Left side. And then click "Create New Account". 
  10. Google Analytics Dashboard looks like this.

Google Analytics Dashboard
Google Analytics, Webmaster & URL Redirection 

    Google Webmasters: Another free web tool, provided by Google is Google Webmasters. It is very powerful tool to get a lot of information about your website. From search traffic to search appearance, from Google Index to Google Crawling, you can analyze most of the website's aspects here easily. To add your website to Google Webmasters, simply follow these steps.

    Google Webmasters
    Google Analytics, Webmaster & URL Redirection 

    Steps To Setup Google Webmaster's for Your Website:
    1. Go to and signup for Google Webmasters.
    2. Click on "Add a Property" and paste your website in the box. 
    3. Click on "Add" and you will be asked to verify your Webmasters setup for your website.
    4. Click on Verify and use "Alternate Method".
    5. Click on "Google Analytics" and then click "Verify" button. 
    6. Then click on "Continue" and you will be redirected to "Search Console".
    7. You can add up to 100 websites to webmasters.  
    8. You can submit your your website's sitemap.xml file and your website for google indexing there. Explore other options in webmaster to improve your website's rank on Google SERP and other search engines.
    9. This is how Google Webmasters' Search Console looks like.

    Google Webmasters Search Console
    Google Analytics, Webmaster & URL Redirection 

    URL Redirection:  Sometimes, you need to redirect your website from old URL to a new URL. For this we can either use 301 or 302 redirect. If you are moving your website temporarily to new URL then use 302 URL redirect and if you want to permanently move your website from old URL to new URL and also want 90-99% link juice to new URL then use 301 redirect. To do so, you need to include redirection code into your website's Head Tag. Below is the Website Redirection code that you can add into your website's header. 

    Replace "" with the URL of the website to which you want to redirect your blog/website.

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