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Saturday, September 23, 2017

How to Profit Bitcoin: Ways and Tips

 How to Profit Bitcoin: Ways and Tips
 How to Profit Bitcoin: Ways and Tips

There are so many ways to win Bitcoin or any currency today than ever before, which makes this article easy to write. It is not difficult to figure out how to profit from the composition, but on the other hand it may be difficult to write because there is no approach or method of profit for everyone.

Important Tip: The best way to win Bitcoin is the depth of visibility you see for this currency because many view Pitcone as a coin that is different from the regular money we use in our daily lives. We get money working and providing services right? , And this is the way to get e-currencies as well

Profit Bitcoin Taps (Faucet Sites)

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a small amount of petequin, the faucets are exactly what you need. The Pitquin faucet is a site that offers a certain amount of currency per visitor. You only have to pass the CAPTCHA test to prove that you are not a computer trying to manipulate the site system. When you reach the minimum payment, the site sends you your share of the Bitcoin. The minimum is different from one location to another. . It is important that you only need the title of your wallet and they will send you the recipe, and these sites were found in its beginnings only to encourage and introduce people to the currency of Bitcoin and electronic currencies, but are now supporting themselves by placing Google adsense ads

The following is a collection of the best Bitcoin taps

1 - Bitcoin Space Collect the Bitcoin every hour and get the highest amount provided by the faucet in the Internet
2 - MagicBitcoin You can get 100,000 Satoshi every five minutes on this site
3 -  Bit Fun In this tap, encrypt your IP address and double your profits
4 - The oldest and most reliable faucet in the world of internet profit
5 - CryptotalkCentral A good faucet will help you to get a bitcoin
6 - BitcoFarm is a great location to get  bitcoin 

Bitcoin Mining

If your country's electric power cost is high, I do not recommend you buy and operate the home-based mining equipment. Despite the excessive consumption of electricity by these appliances, there are still people who would like to buy it as a profitable way of the Bitcoin coin.
For this reason, the sites of the companies offering the cloud mining service are a more realistic alternative to winning the Bitcoin without the risk of loss, but be careful and then there are a lot of fake sites that offer themselves as the mining companies of the Titanic and they are in fact mere fictitious companies waiting to gather A large amount of piquin by trainees then disappear overnight with the money of the people they invested in. To help you find out the closest and most trusted cloud mining sites we have written this post for the best mining sites, and let it be known that investing in these sites does not guarantee you profit. to There are many factors that affect your earnings, such as the price of the currency, the price of electricity, the cost of maintaining the mining equipment, etc.

But it is the best possible start in the field of profit from Bitcoin, and some of these sites offer you a bonus or bonus welcome only when you register free

Profit Bitcoin by filling out questionnaires and clicking ads

There is another type of popular site called Gbiti, where you can win Bitcoin when you do quick and simple tasks, and these sites will not get too much of the Bitcoin coin on them, but if you have the time and look for a way to win As soon as possible, in order to increase your profits from the Pitcin taps, it is useful to have a look at these sites.Often the tasks that win through Bitcoin are watching YouTube videos or filling out questionnaires, either clicking ads or staying on site for thirty seconds, completing the offers, or even entering your personal information against the Bitcoin, of course, you can not enter it real. If you have PHP to encrypt your IP address to the US or European countries, your profits will double.

Here are the best sites in this area

1 -  BitGame :
This site contains a large collection of questionnaires and many offers to participate in it, some require you to make a purchase to complete it and others just ask you to perform simple tasks such as acceptance of the trial period of a program or download and install on your computer; you may not find many offers in Site If your IP address is not encrypted for America or European countries, but its code will be surprised by the profits you will get from this site and the site that follows
2 - AdBtc :  How this site works like the following site:
3 - BtcClicks :
Collect the Bitcoin by clicking on the ads and spend some time in the sites often do not exceed 30 seconds, and I have tried many sites to click on ads against Bitcoin and found that this site is the one who offers the highest share of the Housequin

Profit Bitcoin by Making Content or Design

 If you are proficient in English and can write quality content in foreign languages, especially English, or you have good skills in the design of Photoshop, and almost everything related to the production of digital content, videos, photos have rights, design sites ... A perfect way for you to sell your creations over the internet:

1 - Bittit :
If you have designs or pictures for sale, you should have an immediate look at this site, which is a popular market for buying and selling pictures of all kinds
2 -  Watch My Bit :
     Upload your videos on this site and select the price of each view you receive on your videos
3 – Streamium :
Live Stream This site, like the Uno site, broadcasts live to your followers and wins the second Bitcoin, sends directly to your portfolio via Block Shin
4 - PasteCoin :
 This site allows you to sell and paste any text or exclusive article in English on this site, but the most popular in this market are the scripts and templates sites

Get  Bitcoin from social networking sites

If you are a person with a strong presence in social media or have respectable skills and skills in the field of e-marketing, you can earn valuable amounts of time in a record time. This is a list of the best sites that can help you make a fortune:

1 - ChangeTip :
This is the largest and most famous platform to give the tip or tip through many social networking sites, providing a link to receive the tips of adding to your profile. Just add quality content recommended in English of course, and be sure to shop for yourself well, and will receive you, God willing, only tips and tips Use your mind and take advantage of your strengths

2 -  MellowADS :
If you have an experience of how to profit from links like <adverlay> and <adio> ... and you can get a lot of clicks on your links, this site has the same way as all the shortcut sites,
You can promote your links to the social networking sites we discussed at the previous site to maximize your profits
3 - :
Win Bitcoin by doing Ritweet's Tweets

work and jobs via the Internet, salary in Bitcoin


1 -  Coinality :
A global platform for online entrepreneurship, and you can attach your CV to your potential customers
 2 - Bit Task :
Provide services to site owners most often
3 - Coindesk Jobs :
A job with a good salary and full time, customer service including advertising with the main employers who are willing to pay generously in the currency of the Bitcoin
4 -  BitcoinTalk Services Board :
A great place to look for work and to provide your services on demand in months and the oldest forum for the currency of the Bitcoin and other electronic currencies

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