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Monday, October 30, 2017

Top Free Search Engine Submission Websites

The first and the foremost task we do in Off-page SEO is submission of our website or blog to major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. To do so, we have many 3rd party website that submit our website to multiple search engines in one click. We can also submit our website directly to major search engines. To do so, we have complied a list of major free search engine submission websites below. By sending our website to various search engines we ask them to send their robot/bots/spider/crawlers to visit our website and crawl and index it in their database. So, here is the list of best and Free search Engine Submission sites:

Best Free Search Engine Submission Websites

  1. Free Web Submission
  2. Clever Submitter
  3. Entire Web 
  4. Submit Express 
  5. Serfish 
  6. iSubmit 
  7. Evrsoft 
  8. AddMe 
  10. Hit-Counter 
  11. AddPro 
  12. IneedHits 
  13. ExciteSubmit 
  14. 1Second
  15. RankTopOnline 
  16. Mass Pings 
  17. Bing 
  18. Yandex 
  19. Google 
  20. Baidu 
  21. Info Tiger 
  22. Giga Blast 
  23. Exalead 
  24. Anoox 
  25. Active Search Results 
  26. Beamed 
  27. WotBox 
  29. User Town 
  30. Mad Submitter 
  31. Diggza  
  32. Search Engine Submission 
  33. Web Squash 
  34. Link Collider 
  35. Ez Search Engine Submission 
  36. Submission Monster 
  37. Scrub The Web 
  38. What U Seek 
  39. So Much 
  40. Sonic Run 
  41. Search Engine Labs 
  42. 1-Hit 
  43. Submit Shop 
  44. Build Traffic 
  46. 123Khoj
  47. Yahoo!
  48. Free Web Submission Uk
  49. Free Search Engine Submission.Info
  50. Lowest Hosting
  51. SubmitX 
  52. Rapid Purple 
  53. FreeAddUrl 
  54. Dream Submit 

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