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Monday, November 13, 2017

How To Get Started With Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an Online Marketing Technique which helps to affect your website/blog's online reputation/ visibility on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
The major search engines for which we usually do SEO are Google, Yahoo and Bing. 80-90% businesses target Google for better results on its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Google and other search engine doesn't count SEO as a good technique to increase online reputation of your website in its SERPs because SEO affects Google's generic/ natural/ organic results.

Search Engine Optimization
Usually Search engine optimization is divided into two parts.
  • On-Page SEO: In this method, we usually make changes in our website's content, Meta, Title and Image Alt tags. Here we also do URL re-structuring, installing Google and other search engine's analytic, Google webmasters integration, fixing if errors, improve page speed and many other techniques.
  • Off-Page SEO: The basic purpose of Off Page SEO is to increase back-links fr your website or blog. There are a number of techniques used for this starting from search engine submission to Article/Blog submission. All techniques are mentioned below.
How SEO Works
SEO Process
    There are two types of SEO:
    1. Black Hat SEO: As the name suggest, Black Hat SEO is a bad practice. It finds loopholes in the search engine algorithms released by Major Search Engines to obtain high rankings for a website. This method is a shortcut and always violates guidelines of search engine guidelines. If Google finds a website is using wrong tactics to increase its ranking on Google's SERPs, Google simply penalize that website and the website will not appear in Google's search results.
    2. White Hat SEO: White hat SEO uses methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website by keeping in mind the search engine (mainly Google) guidelines. Even if Google doesn't encourage use of any type of SEO but because most techniques used in White Hat SEO are basically targeted to improve our website according to Search engine requirement, Google will not penalize your website for using White Hat SEO technique.
    SEO Techniques
    Search Engine Optimization Techniques

      As you are now aware of both type of SEO techniques, now we will tell you about different techniques used for link building and other performance improvement in both technologies.

      Most Common Black Hat SEO Techniques:
      1. Keywords Stuffing/Stacking
      2. Tiny or Hidden Text/Links
      3. Cloaking
      4. Doorway or Gateway Pages
      5. Bait-and-Switch or Page Swapping
      6. Duplicate Content or Mirror Site
      7. Spam Ping or Sping or PIngback Spam
      8. Spam Blogs or Splogs
      9. Unrelated Keywords
      10. Blog Spam or Comment Spam
      11. Trackback Spam 
      12. Referrer Spam
      13. Link Farming 
      14. Cybersquatting or Domain Squatting
      15. Typosquatting or URL Hijacking
      16. Social Networking Spam
      17. Cookie Stuffing or Cookie Dropping 
      How SEO Works
      SEO and Its Effect on Search Engine

      Most Common White Hat SEO Techniques:
      1. Adding more effective content on Website.
      2. Social Bookmarking
      3. Search Engine Submissions
      4. Website/Blog Pinging
      5. RSS Feed Submission
      6. Classified Ads Submission
      7. Directory Submission
      8. Business Listing/ Citations
      9. Blog Commenting
      10. Question Answers
      11. Forums Posting
      12. Infographics Creation, Submission and Promotion
      13. Article and Blog Submission related to your website
      14. PPT and PDF Creation, Submission and Promotion
      15. Photo Sharing
      16. Article and Blog Directory Submission
      17. Article and Blog Bookmarking
      18. Video Creation and Submission
      19. Press Release
      These all are the techniques that someone can use for Off page SEO link building. Focus on creating back-links for your website from high PA (Page Authority) /DA (Domain Authority) websites. I my next post I will explain all these White hat and Black Hat SEO techniques. I will also tell you more about how you can start with SEO of your website or become a SEO freelancer at your own.You can drop your suggestions and questions in comments block below. 

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